Tree Removal Services in Edmonton

Making a tree removal decision is not always easy.

Because trees provide shade, climate moderation, a home for animals, and increase in your property value, tree removal is not a decision that home owners or Arborists should take lightly. As Edmonton's tree specialists, we are experts at determining when tree cutting should occur.

The consequences of not removing a hazardous tree can be severe. Diseased and broken trees can fall and cause damage to you or your property, roots can get into sewer systems, and tree disease can spread to healthy trees in the area. Sometimes cutting down a tree is the best course of action to prevent damage. 

There are several clear indications that tree removal is necessary:

  • A large wound or vertical crack in the main trunk of the tree
  • More than 50% of the tree is diseased and dying
  • One-third of the interior of the tree is hollow or rotten
  • Large trees that have had their tops broken or large damaged limbs
  • More than 25% of the branches are damaged
  • Dead branches that are all on one side of the tree
  • Larger than 15% lean on the vertical of the tree

If your trees have any of these issues, please contact us to book a tree removal for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Tree removal is always cut to grade, meaning we cut the tree as flush to the ground as possible. Some trees can be cut flusher than others depending on the size and diameter. We also offer stump removal and stumping grinding services.