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Trees Maintenance Is Required for All Trees To Live Long Lives


How to care for new trees

In the case of a newly planted or young tree – those planted within the past three years – require even more care than average.  Newly planted trees require 95 litres of water or approximately 4 centimetres of rainfall per week to survive and thrive.

"95 to Stay Alive"

This is our mantra and something every owner of a newly planted tree should remember. Restricting the water your newly planted tree receives can result in your tree not reaching its full potential size.  It can also make it vulnerable to pests and disease or even death. 95 litres is no easy task for a busy homeowner; here are some tips on how to make sure your newly planted trees receive enough water to thrive in their new home.


How much to water a newly planted tree

  • Turning on a hose on low for a half hour at the base of the tree.
  • Place a large pail (20 litres is best) with holes in the bottom at the base of the tree and fill the pail 5 times a week.
  • Add a slow-release watering bag and fill it up as needed over a week (the size of your bag will determine how often you need to fill it)
  • If using a watering bag, also use a funnel. Funnels reduce waste from spilling.


At Seedling to Stump, our professional arborists provide all necessary tree care and tree maintenance services. Ensure the success and growth of your young tree by giving us a call and allowing our expert team to provide top notch tree care and maintenance for all your trees young and old!



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