Tree Cabling and Bolting

What is Tree Cabling and Tree Bottling?

Tree cabling is used to correct growth by helping to train leaning trunks and branches to grow in the desired direction. Using high strength steel cabling allows supported branches to move naturally without too much restriction so no damage takes place while the adjustment sets.

Tree bracing and cabling is also applied to provide a tree with the support it needs to continue to grow and thrive after damage. The violent high wind gusts that we experience in Alberta can cause a tree to twist, bend and break; adding a support system such as cabling or bolting can help a tree recover from wind storm damage. Contact us to ensure your damaged tree has a chance to heal before they become a dangerous hazard.


How Trunk Guards Protect Trees

Tree guards can increase the survival rate of trees greatly, they protect against weather damage, animals, and equipment. That said the right trunk guards are required to ensure tree survival, tree guards need to be installed correctly or rubbing can destroy bark or insects and rodents can find the space appealing to nest in the space between the tree and the guard. If it is installed too tightly the guard can trap moisture and result in disease. Be sure to contact an arborist to find the best tree guard for your tree.


Contact us for more information on cabling and bracing trees.