Stump Grinding And Stump Removal in Edmonton


Not only are stumps unattractive, they make general garden and yard maintenance a hassle, they can be hazardous to pets and children, and attract ants, termites and other unwanted pests onto your property.

How do you remove a stump?

There are many unsafe ways to remove stumps from your property, these include chemical stump removal which poses a poison hazard; burning a stump which poses a fire hazard or trying to get rid of stumps with epsom salt, a process which takes months and then you are left with a dead stump to dispose of.

The best way to remove a tree stump and prevent regrowth is stump grinding. Our portable stump grinder will quickly and efficiently eliminate your tree stump and leave your property renewed, safe, and visually appealing.

Stump grinding produces mulch and debris that is fantastic for your soil and plants. As industry standard, we leave mulch and shredding on site. The hole produced from tree stump removal is backfilled as much as possible with the mulch to give nutrients to the area.

How much does stump removal cost?

This is a question we get asked a lot. As Arborists we need to consider the size, potential hazards, access and technical logistics associated with each job. As a base, stump grinding services have a minimum $100 callout that includes the stump and average size surface roots.


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The quote we give is valid for 6 months from the original assessment date.

Important Stump Grinding Information

Important stump grinding and removal information

Important stump grinding and removal information

  1. Alberta One-Call must be called prior to ALL stump grindings: 1-800-242-3447. Failure to do so may result in delayed service.
  2. Our stump grinder requires a minimum gate clearance of 35 inches in width. Our stump grinding machine is 9 ft. long and approximately 1500 lbs. Fence(s) may need to be taken out for access.
  3. There must be a 1.5 ft. clearance from the building or structure to the area of the stump grinder to accommodate the safety bar. If the stump is close to the house or power lines, there is limited access. Additional work may be required and additional fees may apply.
  4. We grind approximately 12-14 inches below grade.