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Our team of Certified Arborists have seen it all and know how to handle your tree problems with the most effective, efficient and affordable solutions. As Edmonton's tree experts, we committed to providing tree maintenance in the safest manner. For added piece of mind, we have a TRAQ certification Specialist on staff (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification)

Our tree services include

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree Care

Branch and Brush Chipping

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

Consulting Services

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Tree Care FAQ

Firewood: Customers frequently ask if they should keep the firewood produced from a healthy tree removal or tree trimming service. It is economical and environmental to keep your firewood. We cut up the main stems and trunk into approximately 1-1.5 ft. lengths and stack them at the base of the tree of you free of charge.

Quotes and Estimates: Quotes and estimates are always free and valid for 6 months from the original assessment date.

Dutch Elm Disease: As per the city of Edmonton bylaw, Elm trees can only be pruned October 1-March 30 due to dutch elm disease.

Working on Neighbors’ Trees: Please review Edmonton's bylaws and tree regulations.

Black knot: Black knot is a common disease in Mayday and Schubert chokecherry trees. This disease can be identified by a sponge-like fungus that inhabits the branches and stems of the trees. Be sure to contact us for more information.


Here at Seedling to Stump we know that tree emergencies can happen at any time.

When there is a storm(with many damaged trees) our team works tirelessly to rescue our customers from hazardous trees and branches.

Due to the extra hours, added hazards and technicality and additional administration during these emergencies, emergency rates may apply.

Please contact us for a FREE quote or if you have any questions.

Definition: An Emergency Tree Service is any tree related service that cannot wait for our regular booking period. 

Stay safe out there, Edmonton!