Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions(and other Important Information)

Seedling to Stump: Tree and Garden Service

Terms and Conditions: Please read and review.

By hiring Seedling to Stump: Tree and Garden Service the customer agrees to all their terms and conditions.

Tree Pruning and Removal:Work quoted is valid for 6 months from original quotation date. Any work that is added on site and not included in the original quotation will result in an additional charge.All trees and shrubs should be properly identified before work commences. (Either in person or physically marked). If not identified or properly marked, there may be an additional charge/limited liability on Seedling to Stump’s part. We HIGHLY recommend the customer be present the day of work to ensure the work is communicated correctly.

There are different classes/types of tree pruning. The cost of the pruning is often determined by the class/scope of pruning. (For example: clearance only prunes, customer specific prunes and full prunes). Please ask our knowledgeable staff if you have any questions regarding your tree pruning. Unless specifically requested, the height of the tree generally remains the same when pruned.

As ISA certified Arborists, we typically do not take out more than 30% of live growthwhen pruning a tree, this helps keep the tree happy and healthy.

Please note: As per the city of Edmonton by-law, Elm treescan only be prune Oct 1-March 31.This is to prevent Dutch Elm Disease.

Tree Diagnosis:Although we are certified and highly educated in the field of urban arboriculture, we make no guarantee about the health/safety of your tree(s). There are several external factors we can decipher but there is no way to know the true state of the tree unless we cut it down and dissect it. Also, we do not know the history of the tree(s). We assume no liability for this.

Topping Trees:As educated, certified Arborists, it is never recommended that we top trees. Topping trees will create additional stress on the tree and creates potential complications for the tree and its health. If the customer insists on having their trees topped, Seedling to Stump assumes no liability for further health problems/complications of the tree.

Stump Grinding:All customers must contact Alberta One Call for locates BEFORE stump grinding can commence. Failure to do so will result in rescheduling.Mulch produced from stump grindings is ALWAYS left on site. This is industry standard and is also done for health and safety purposes. The bigger the stump is, the bigger the pile of mulch on site. The mulch left is the customer’s responsibility.

Stump grinder grinds the stumps approximately 12-14 inches below grade.  The Arborist may need to dig sample holes to identify lines. This may be needed to supplement AB One Call’s flagging.

When grinding a stump, Seedling to Stump will only grind visible surface roots, those below ground level will not be addressed. Mulch produced by surface root grinding is left on site.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the area around the stump is cleared prior to their date of booking. This includes but is not limited to, rocks and stones, decorative mulch, sprinkler or aeration systems, landscape lighting, and lawn ornaments, etc. Failure to clear the area prior may result in an additional charge and Seedling to Stump assumes no liability for damages incurred if area is not properly cleared.

Storm Damage:Sometimes storm damage happens. We are always happy to help. However, due to the increased volume of work, technicality of trees, and extra hours, Emergency Rates may apply.

Payment:Payment is due as soon as the work is completed/and/or the invoice issued. Failure to pay in a timely manner may result in a submission to a collections agency. We accept cash, cheques, Etransfer, and Credit Cards. There is a 2% interest charge (per month/compounded) on all overdue accounts.

Dogs and Fecal Matter:If a yard has an abundance of canine fecal matter, it poses a health risk to our crew. There will be an additional $50 charge if the fecal matter is not cleaned up and is deemed unsafe and unsanitary to our crew.

Site Preparation:It is the customer’s responsibility to remove any and all items from below the “working trees” (such as lawn ornaments or furniture). These items should be removed prior to work commencing.

Contra/Trades:Seedling to Stump does NOT participate in Contras or Trades for Tree work.

Firewood:It makes good economical and environmental sense to keep your firewood. We cut up the main stems and trunk into approximate 1 - 1.5 ft lengths and stack them at the base of the tree, FREE of charge for you.

Fences and Decks:Seedling to Stump assumes no liability for damages to old, rotting unkempt fences/gates and decks. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to move any fence panels (if needed) for access to stumps.

Discounts:Discounted offers cannot be combined. Customers may choose what discount best benefits them financially.

Price Matching Policy:Here at Seedling to Stump, we promote VALUE over PRICE. Why hire us? 20+ years experience. ISA Certified. Formally educated in Forestry and Arboriculture. Fully Insured. A+ BBB Rating and an Award-winning company.

Cancellation Fee:If the customer cancels with less than 24 hours of their booking, a $50 Cancellation Fee may apply.

Cancelation Policy:Seedling to Stump reserves the right to cancel any tree work due to unfavorable weather conditions or equipment failure. Safety is our top priority.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:Our clients are happy clients, and if for some reason they are not we will do our best to make it right. All tree and garden services provided by our team are 100% backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to learn all about the amazing customer service we offer. (*Some restrictions may apply-not a money back guarantee* Customers must contact us within 48 hours with any issues, otherwise guarantee may not be honoured.Seedling to Stump reserves the right to refuse a customer service if any of our staff are being disrespected or threatened.


Seedling to Stump:   FAQ’s and IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Q: Should I keep the firewood or dispose of it?

A: It makes good economical and environmental sense to keep your firewood. We cut up the main stems and trunk into approximate 1 - 1.5 ft lengths and stack them at the base of the tree, FREE of charge for you.

Q: How much will my tree cost?

A: There are many factors we, as Arborists, need to consider when determining a price of a tree. For example: size, potential hazards, access, and technicality. Remember: Estimates are always FREE!

Q: How long will it take to  book?

A: It depends on the time of year and availability. It can be next day or up to 2+ weeks.

Q: Do you take away/chip the branches when you remove or prune a tree?

A: Yes. Absolutely. This is included in all of our quotes. We take away any branches/brush associated with the tree being quoted, and we ensure we clean up our mess.

Q: What does “cut to grade” mean?

A: This means we cut the tree as flush to the ground as possible. Some trees can be cut flusher than others, depending on size and diameter.

Q: What does F/Y, S/Y, and B/Y mean on my quotation?

A: These are abbreviations we use. They stand for Front Yard, Side Yard, and Back Yard.

Q: Does my tree quote have any expiry date?

A: Yes, tree quotations are valid for 6 months from the original date of assessment. There may be exceptions/extensions. This is ultimately up to management.

Q: What is done with the mulch/debris from the stump grinding?

A: It is industry standard to leave all the mulch/shredding on site. The hole produced by the grinding is backfilled as much as possible with the mulch and left on site. Helpful hint: Mulch is great for your soil and plants!

STUMP GRINDING INFO: Important Information

  1. 35 Inches in Width: Minimum Gate Clearance needed.
  2. Stump Grinding Machine is 9 feet long.
  3. Corners after gate may pose a problem for maneuverability for the machine. If there are slopes/sidewalks etc. - Ramps required.
  4. Fence may need to be taken out for access, as required.
  5. All Mulch from stump grinding is left on site and the hole produces is backfilled with this Mulch.
  6. We grind approx. 12-14 inches below grade.
  7. If the stump is close to the house/lines, there is limited access. Additional work may be required and additional fees may apply.
  8. The stump grinder requires 1.5 ft clearance from building or structure to accommodate safety bar.
  9. Alberta One Call must be called prior to grinding.