Emergency Tree Removal Services

If you are experiencing an emergency do not hesitate to call us right away!


If a tree has fallen on a road, car, or home we are available to help. We provide emergency tree removal services when disaster strikes.


There are many reasons a tree may pose a danger to your family or customers:

  • High winds, storm damage, and water damage can cause even seemingly healthy trees to fall on to homes, cars, or roads.
  • Dead branches on trees are at risk of breaking off and falling, if you have any branches that look dead or diseased call us to prevent an emergency tree service.
  • Damaged trees and branches also pose a danger, if you have a tree that was damaged by human error or weather it may pose a risk of falling call us for an assessment of any damaged trees.


When you call us for an emergency service you can expect to have us come within 48 hours to remove the offending tree or branch, we will then dispose of any branches by chipping them or cut the stem into 1-1.5 ft lengths and give you the option to keep the mulch or take it with us. If there is a stump remaining we are able to grind it down to fully remove the hazard and as always we will leave your property in pristine condition with no trace of any debris. We are proud to serve Edmonton, St. Albert, Stoney Plain, Spruce Grove, and surrounding areas.


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