ISA Certified Arborist

What is the difference between an Arborist and ISA certified Arborist?

  • An Arborist, by definition, is anyone who exchanges money for tree care services (Ie: Tree removal, tree pruning etc.)
  • An ISA certified Arborist is someone who has formal education and certification in the tree care industry that exchanges money for tree care services (I.e.: Tree removal, tree pruning, etc.)
  • Ideally, Arborists should be ISA certified. Unfortunately, there are many tree care companies that do not hold this credential in the city of Edmonton that operate business. Homeowners should also be aware that there is a difference between ISA certification and ISA membership.

ISA Certification means that the Arborist has taken an exam and received 80% of better after three years of service in the tree care industry. To maintain your certification Arborists are continually learning and earning CEU’s (credits) to keep their accreditation up to date.

ISA Membership: Any tree care company operating can purchase an ISA membership. This membership keeps tree care workers informed on upcoming training opportunities, events and tree related news.

As a homeowner, you should always ensure the company you hire has adequate liability insurance and WCB coverage. If a company refuses to provide this, this can be a red flag.